A satisfied client is a happy client….read what clients have to say about Dermagraphics by Jenice!

Jenice is absolutely the greatest. She takes time to evaluate your skin tone and chooses precisely what is the best look for you. She is very professional yet extremely personable and you feel like you have always known her. What makes her so special is that she takes pride in what she does, she is indeed an artist with her work. I would NEVER trust my brows and eyeliner to anyone else. It is so natural looking that most people don’t realize it is permanent. I sometimes look at others who have permanent makeup and it looks so fake. I always think to myself, they obviously did not go to Jenice! I would recommend her to anyone wanting their permanent makeup to look totally natural. ~ Website Review, July 2020

Liz thank you so much for the awesome review, it gives me great pleasure to be trusted with your and many other faces.  I treat my clients how I  would expect to be treated, I’ve been in business for 25 years and I can honestly say I  love what I do and, and my clients.


Liz W., Website Review

Jenice is an incredibly skilled, experienced, and trustworthy permanent makeup technician, who I highly recommend. She considers your skin tone along with hair color when choosing the pigment color to use, she measures carefully to create a shape that will enhance your face and age well over the years, she frequently pauses to check the shape and symmetry throughout the application process, she uses high quality needles that apply the pigment cleanly and don’t scar your skin, and she keeps your skin numbed well so the procedure isn’t uncomfortable. She has done a great job correcting my shoddy eyebrow job done 5 years ago by Winnie with Lashe Love in Durham.

I trust Jenice wholeheartedly and I’ll keep seeing her for touch-ups as long as she keeps working, which I hope is a very long time! Getting my permanent eyebrow makeup is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and Jenice’s expertise and skilled application is worth every penny. Seriously, do yourself a favor – don’t fall for Groupon deals, and run away from technicians who use stencils or freehand without measuring to create the shape for your eyebrows – go to Jenice and know you are in the very best and most qualified hands! – Google Review January 2019


Nothing compares to a client taking the time to compliment my work than the privilege of doing their Permanent Makeup in the first place!  In my 20+ years, I’ve helped 1,000’s of women (& men) achieve their personal goals, whether it was enhancing, correcting or camouflaging.  I enjoy seeing my clients that can go right from the pool or gym to work without putting on makeup & clients with alopecia can ditch the eyebrow pencil!  

One thing that is kept from the general public is the fact that the Permanent Makeup Industry is not regulated in NC.  If you can pass a basic health inspection, you are in business!  While I am a 20-year Board Certified member of the 2 Worldwide Certifying Organizations, the majority of Permanent Makeup Technicians have pursued no continuing education or advanced training.  Without a State Licensing Board, educational & skill competency testing, you will find that most of the technicians have insufficient certification & many started up after a weekend class in a hotel. 

In the last few years, there is an alarming increase in clients that need corrective work.  Many years ago, I posted a page on my website ‘Before You Schedule’ and the punch list of questions to ask before you let someone touch your face are more relevant than ever.  Even with my experience, I have seen mistakes that rival my skill level and they cannot be fixed.

I’ve had clients that read ‘Before You Schedule’ and used it to ask questions while looking for a technician.  One client commented that a local technician told her ‘that they didn’t need professional training & they learned from You Tube’.  Another client said ‘the technician used her I-Phone to review step-by-step instructions on how to do brows’.  This woman came to me for correction and it took 3 visits to correct the mess that was done to her brows. 

So, thank you Amelia for your spot-on assessment of the current state of Permanent Makeup & for anyone reading this, make sure you ask all the questions Before YOU Schedule! ~ Jenice Hickman

Amelia K., Google Review

Jenice is wonderful and very skilled at the craft of applying permanent makeup! I have recommended her to several others and they are all very pleased with the results. ~ January 2018

Lana S., Review from Website

I love my eyebrows. It’s changed my life since I saw Jenice back in August. I no longer wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and think I look like an alien. I can actually go out of the house with no makeup if I want to (but usually don’t). Just this fact has made my life a bit easier and less stressful. I want to thank you and Katie for what you have done for me and for so many other women…made us feel normal and feminine again. ~ November 2017

Nancy Z, Review from Website

I have been a client of Jenice’s for years. It began with my eyebrows and then my eyeliner. Next, we are going to do my lips. Jenice is absolutely wonderful! She has been in her current office for 21 years and knows her business inside / out. Two words describe Jenice and they are “expert professional.” Jenice takes the time to get to know her clients individually; she listens to them. Then she makes suggestions and recommendations. She explains her procedures and processes step-by-step and is happy to answer questions along the way. There is no rushing Jenice. She strives for perfection. If it were possible, I would be a walking advertisement for her. In all of my visits, I have never left her office more than pleased with what she has accomplished and thrilled with how long I am able to go between touchup visits — I am talking as long as 2 years. This may not be normal, I’m not sure. Jenice is quick to follow up after certain procedures to check on you — something quite unexpected for me. In summary, Jenice is a rare jewel and her work is impeccable. Don’t believe me? Try her yourself — you will find out I speak only the truth! ~ October 2017

Lynn J., Review from Website

I luv Jenice, she is so down to earth! My eyebrows look great! I wouldn’t let just anyone put something permanent on my face. She is very meticulous about her work and has the education about her skill and that is why I go to her. I couldn’t be happier with my eyebrows. Thank you Jenice!! ~ September, 2017

Reply from Jenice:
Brenda thank you so much for having faith, and trust in me and getting the word out. I’ve spent the last 20 years participating in continuing education (36 hours a year) to meet the requirements to maintain my Board Certification as a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional, and my certification as a Double Board Certified Instructor. For those that are reading this and are looking for a technician, don’t fall for the Internet deals. This is your face!!!! You get what you pay for!!! If you don’t choose me… please ask the appropriate questions to make sure you’re trusting your face to
a technician who has been professionally trained and can back it up. Brenda, thank you again for allowing me the opportunity of correcting work that was done by a technician that didn’t take the time to do design work, and who didn’t understand color theory and undertones of the skin. ~ Jenice Hickman RN CPCP

B. Comer, Website Review

I’ve been very pleased with the work done by Jenice, first applying permanent eyeliner and then doing my eyebrows. They look fantastic and natural, except better. Her medical training and artistry were key factors in my choice to use her. I enjoy having a coupon for an oil change, but I would never take a chance with my face. ~ Nancy H., May 2017

Nancy H. Website Review

What a WONDERFUL experience. Jenice is a warm, caring and knowledgeable person. I saw certificates in her office that she has been doing this medical artistry for 20 years. I am a chemo patient and have absolutely no eyebrow. I had concerns about tattooing, but was tired of drawing my eyebrows on every morning. They were never symmetric. Jenice did an AWESOME job. Just the right acrch; she blended colors for my skin tone, she took her time, and walked me through each step before continuing. EVERYONE is amazed at how natural my eyebrows look. I am soooo very pleased. Thank you Jenice. I look forward to seeing you at the end of June at my follow-up visit. ~ Audrey B, Google Review, May 2017

Audrey B. Google Review

I had areas of my eyebrows that were missing. She is an honest miracle worker no pain, beautiful work,touch up was fabulous, clean office, best money I have ever spent and will see her for regular touch ups! So happy I chose her! My eyebrows look amazing! ~ SJL, Google Review, March 2017

SJ L Google Review

I had a great experience. Love my eyebrows! They were very professional and friendly. It was a very relaxing atmosphere. I would recommend them to all my friends & family! ~ Kara, Facebook, March 2017

Kara W. Facebook Review

A very spa like environment, Jenice has done my eyebrows which were missing post a medication side effect and I am thrilled with the results. Jenice is an RN which is unique in the field of permanent makeup she takes the sufficient time with each patient, goes over post op care and calls you the next day to see how you are feeling. If you eyebrows are missing due to chemo,alopecia or other medical issues, see Jenice she is not only an RN but an artist so she is able to pick the right colors and when the eyebrows are complete they will have various hair strokes composed of multiple color just as an natural brow would have on your face. ~ Google Review, April 2017

Regina M.

Jenice was great! Very professional and knowledgeable about her skill. Wish I had done this sooner!! ~ Website Review March, 2017

Brenda C.

Very professional and friendly! The atmosphere was relaxing! I LOVE MY EYEBROWS! ~ Google Review, March 2017

Kara W.

I got permanent eye liner about 5 weeks ago. I was told it would fade, but it faded so slightly that I have yet to put makeup on top of the pigment. This has saved me an infinite amount of time. I was initially dreading the pain of the procedure, but Jenice numbs the area such that the procedure itself is not uncomfortable at all. Her office is incredibly clean and relaxing, and Jenice herself is very personable and an expert at what she does. I highly recommend her. ~ Google Review, August, 2016

Autumn L

I had areas of my eyebrows that were missing. She is an honest miracle worker no pain, beautiful work, touch up was fabulous, clean office, best money I have ever spent and will see her for regular touch ups! So happy I chose her! My eyebrows look amazing! ~ Google Review, February 2017


I was fortunate enough to be given one of Jenice’s business cards from my electrologist. She had heard wonderful things about Jenice. I had my second visit today and I could not be happier. I had upper and lower eyeliner. Even after my first visit I was pleased that I woke up with makeup. I know that in a couple of days I will love what I see. Jenice is very professional, with a lovely, clean office – feels like a spa! ~ January 2017

Carol N. via Website

I just had brush stroke eye brows done by Jenice, Wow what a transformation. My face lights up and my brows are just perfect. Jenice is a true artist and took such care to make my brows look perfect for my face. Thank you! ~ February, 2017

Amy B via Website

I cannot say enough about, not only my results, but the experience I had with Jenice. I’m quite OCD when it comes to symmetry and it’s the reason it would take me forever to draw my brows on daily. I wouldn’t leave the house without them! Out of all the cosmetic procedures I’ve had in the past, this is, by far, the best! Jenice is amazing and immediately puts you at ease that she knows her stuff…and if someone like me can say that, then trust me, it means a lot! Knowing this is permanent, I was scared to leave my brows in the hands of someone else, but it didn’t take long for me to find comfort with Jenice. She allows your input while offering her expertise as well. She measures, draws, measures some more and let’s you look several times while she’s performing the procedure so that you can tell her what you think and provide direction on your own vision. She also takes the time to educate you on the long term things to consider, down to the colors that should be used.

LOVE her and appreciate what she did for me more than she’ll ever know! I’m no longer self conscious about my eyebrows (or lack there of) and I don’t have to worry about going under water, washing my face, sweating or just waking up with smeared/no brows! Haha. Thank you Jenice and please, please don’t retire!! I’m not sure I could find another as good as you!

P.S. Have so much faith in her that I have recommended her services to several people, including my own mother, who saw mine and will now be getting hers done as well. :))))

C. Dark via webiste

I wanted to follow up and say thank you for your professionalism, the quality of your art form, and the time I am saving moving forward. You have contributed to my lower maintenance, travel light approach to life. I no longer spend time applying eyeliner or touching up my eyebrows. When I requested subtle, natural-looking permanent eyeliner plus minimal eyebrow touchups in the areas that didn’t appear as thick, you gave me the perfect blend of hair strokes. You also did a great job of matching the ink to my skin tones and eyelashes/brows to maintain the natural look. The only eye makeup I apply these days is a touch of mascara. Occasionally, I might add light eye shadow for a special event. Thank you again for improving my lifestyle!

Judy via website

I have never really had eyebrows.  All my life, until 2001, I drew them in with makeup.  When living in Charlotte, I had my eyebrows tattooed but it didn’t last very long.  After moving to Durham, a friend recommended Jenice.  She is a true artist.  Not only can she help determine the best shape, but the colors she used work so well with my skin tone.  I love that she has several certifications and maintains them through continuing education.  If you are looking for permanent makeup – eyebrows, eyeliner and lips – I don’t think you can find a better or more professional talent than Jenice.

Women of NC wherever you live it is worth the drive to go see Jenice. I went there to have her fix a disaster by [unnamed business] in the Lake Norman Area and my eyebrows look amazing. I am still healing and cannot wait to see the finished product. She is even less expensive then these other so called professionals. I told Jenice she better not retire any time soon! Thanks!

Jessica via Google

Getting my eyebrows tattooed was the single most valuable thing I could do to improve my appearance and Jenice is a true artist. If you check out her website you will see that, not only is she certified to perform permanent make up, she is also a board certified instructor. True, you can find other people that will do it on the cheap , but think about what happened to you when you went to get a cheap haircut! This is your face we are talking about and it s permanent! Jenice takes a great deal of time finding the right look for your face and then does the process in two steps, four to six weeks apart. I m not the type of woman who spends a great deal of money on myself, but I m thrilled that I had Jenice do this, and you will be too!

I was referred to Jenice by one of the best plastic surgeons in Wake County. She is licensed, which is a must. I have highly recommended Jenice to my family and friends. She is a true artist!

I had my eyebrows done by Jenice of Dermagraphics. She is very professional, personable and a former nurse with many credentials. I love my eyebrows she did a great job and do not have to do anything before I go out. Wake up with permanent makeup it saves so much time.

Betty B.

If you have brows that are fading or they just aren’t growing in like they used to, micro-pigmentation is a solid choice. And honestly, I wouldn’t go anywhere else but to Jenice. Her work is exceptional and LASTS! When someone notices my perfect brows, they are genuinely shocked when I tell them they’re actually tattooed on. They look incredibly natural. I should know. I’ve been a working makeup artist for over 16 years.
If you want to look like a sad clown, go see some hack offering a Groupon deal.
But if you want to look like you were born with perfect brows, go see Jenice. It will be the best decision you ever made. 🙂

Ann J.

I just had my eyebrows tattooed on by Jenice, and am very pleased with the results. She is very professional and hygienic. She takes measurements, and explains things to her clients that a layperson wouldn’t necessarily know. For example, she doesn’t just tattoo the brow over the exact place the client might usually draw it because she has to take in consideration the fact that the skin will sag as people age, and the brow would eventually be too low. For anyone interested in permanent make up, I highly recommend Jenice.

I came to Jenice by way of a referral from another permanent makeup artist who is no longer in the area. I was only in need of a touch up – however, I was impressed with the time and care Jenice spent to make sure I received exactly what I was looking for – I have had my eyebrows done a total of 5 times over the last 10 years – Jenice being the 4th person to work with me. She is professional, skilled, educated about her craft, and meticulous – measuring and examining during the process. I will gladly pass along her name to anyone looking for a good permanent makeup artist – they can be hard to find so when you find one stick with them! I will be a repeat customer – if you are looking for someone good – you’ve found her.

Nicole N.

One word… Fabulous! Walking out her door, I felt like a high profile celebrity who spent a day at one of those luxury day spas in LA. I was thoroughly relaxed and on cloud 9, jamming out to Fergie’s G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S all the way home. Her studio is eclectically quaint, which matches her laid back/charming personality and calm demeanor. From the moment I walked in the door she put me at ease and made sure to include me in the process and let me know that my happiness and satisfaction was her highest priority. As far as I’m concerned, Jenice’s kindness, professionalism and quality work is unparalleled! I truly felt cared for and right at home in her hands. She spent a ton of time with me, asking questions and taking multiple pictures and measurements, which she reviewed with me on screen before starting the procedure. We even tried on different colors and decided on alternating 2 different shades for a multidimensional/more natural effect. She must have taken a total of 25 measurements, stopping every so often to check in with me and do some tweaking. Finally, she made sure I thoroughly understood what I needed to do for post-care and upkeep. To top things off, she actually called me this afternoon just to check in with me to see how things were going and see if I had any questions for her. Who does that these days?

This is NOT, BY FAR, the experience I had with the LHP “Groupon” studio. There, I felt like a number and was not part of the process, at all. I think she eyeballed the design, versus took measurements, and refused to go outside of my hairline, which is flat and has bald spots. When I mentioned that I was really concerned that my eyebrows weren’t symmetrical, she said it was a mark of natural beauty to have mismatching eyebrows and pulled out numerous magazine pictures to back up her theory. Worst of all, her tattooing process was extremely painful and my brows faded to a light pinkish tan in less than 6 months after my 2nd refill. I didn’t feel ANY pain at all with Jenice. No pain at all! Trust me, for the little extra that Jenice charges, you’ll have an entirely different experience that is well worth it. You get what you pay for.

The results from this procedure are so dramatic! The process is easy, and makes such a difference in the amount of time needed to apply makeup in the morning.

Jenice is experienced, professional, and very pleasant. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to have permanent makeup done!

Lana S.

Jenice has been doing my eyes for 8 years. I am a “repeat customer” because she is the ” the Best” you will find anywhere in the area.

Having someone do any type of work on your face…is a very important decision. Do your homework and choose wisely. The “bargain ” is not a bargain when it comes this type of service.

Whatever she charges… believe me, she is worth every penny .

Her extensive credentials & many years of experience reflect in the results you get. Not only is she a skilled professional, she also has an amazing sense of sense of color & artistry. Put these two things together…and you have excellent results.

I currently live in the Wilmington area but I am happy to make that 2 hour drive to just to have her ( and only her) take care of me.

Thanks Jenice, for helping me look “my best”.

Client in Wilmington

I dubbed Jenice the Lady with the “GOLDEN HANDS” simply because she’s earned her title in her field. She is very knowledgeable, skilled, caring, passionate, and trustworthy. She will take the time to listen to your needs and concerns. She is a Registered Nurse and Certified Permanent Makeup Professional. She has all the credentials to prove it. Her stellar experience is enviable due to years of hard work and dedication. She has the latest and most updated technology to assist in your wishes and custom designing your eyebrows. I know; I have had work done in my eyebrows gone wrong which made me insure of myself.

She has given me the ideal shape, thickness and shade to my face. I couldn’t be happier and prouder to flaunt my amazing eyebrows. Family and friends can’t compliment enough. I have even had strangers ask me who did such a great job on my eyebrows.

I had such a wonderful and positive experience with Jenice that I rate her top of the line, la crème of la crème. I feel privileged to have found the lady with the “Golden Hands”.

Marlene A.Google + page

Linda TestimonialI LOVE MY EYEBROWS!!!!
Jenice has done my eyebrows for years and each time they are perfect. Jenice aims for individualized perfection – meaning correct color, correct position, and specific for the individual face. No one can believe my eyebrows are tattooed. It is so nice to have perfect eyebrows each day. Call Jenice – she is wonderful to work with!


Just had eyeliner done last week (top and bottom), and I was very impressed with Jenice! I felt no pain whatsoever, and the healing process has been good. Looking forward to going back for the final step. Jenice was very professional, friendly, nice, and I highly recommend her!!!! Susan

Susan B via City SearchReview on CitySearch

Excellent, professional service – Jenice is very precise and careful in her work. She worked with me to choose the design. There was very little discomfort and very little swelling. I highly recommend her. She works with the natural shape of the face and her brushstrokes looks just exactly like hair.


Janis M.

Very Professional, excellent service and results – I highly recommend Jenice! She is very professional and precise. A nurse friend of mine recommended Jenice not only for her excellent results, but also because of her excellent “sterile” technique. This was very important to me as a nurse myself. I have had both my eyebrows and eyeliner done with touch ups in between. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The permanent makeup is so natural looking, esp. my brows. Her brush strokes are like little hairs and are so real looking that no one knows its permanent makeup. I have had very little discomfort and minimal swelling. Her after procedure instructions are detailed and you know each day what to expect the treated areas to look like and approx. when you should be healed and back to a “normal” appearance. She has a gift for “customizing” the right color for your skin tone and hair and eye color. I highly recommend Jenice. She is the best!

Anne S. via CitysearchCitySearch Review

Best Permanent Makeup Artist I’ve met! Artistic & Sanitary

I originally saw another permanent makeup artist before meeting Jenice. The reason I went to Jenice is because after a year or so, the color I got from the other lady turned peach. (not great for a brunette) Jenice was so professional. She actually knew so much about it. She mixed a specific brown for me, tested it on my skin to see if I liked the color.(the other girl didn’t ) Then, she drew on my eyebrows with a dark pencil & used a precision instrument to measure my eyebrows to the millimeter! (the other lady did not) Then, she took a photograph & let me see it on a monitor so we could make any changes before she started! WOW! What a relief, having confidence in the outcome!

Not only is Jenice a Registered Nurse, she has been doing this more than 9 years & had a plastic surgeon sending her clients for areolas on their breasts! The doctor even hired her to train someone in HIS office! Jenice also uses a brush stroke I’ve never seen. I’ve seen pictures of people with no eyebrows at all. On these people, she doesn’t just “fill in” like a stencil, she actually uses little brush strokes that really look like your natural eyebrow hair. It was so realistic on me that I thought one of the hairs was so real & I tried to pluck one and pinched my skin. I can’t say enough about her because I had a bad experience before her. I recently found out that some permanent makeup artists don’t even use new needles! These days, I’d rather be safe than sorry! Not only is she very hygienic, she has years of experience & an artistic eye. This is a profession that definitely needs an artists touch! No matter how hygienic a person is, you don’t want to walk around with uneven permanent makeup. Oh, she also has a follow up visit to make sure everything is OK. She tries very hard to please. You won’t be sorry!

Bless you for fixing my mess! – I first went to another salon close to Dermagraphics and had a mess made of my eyebrows. Jenice rushed me into her salon the very day after I called her for help and she fixed my face in a 2 hour emergency session. Thank you soooooo much!…

I wanted to write this letter to you and let you know just how much I appreciate what you did for me. I can not even begin to tell you how much I LOVE MY EYES!! You did such an incredible job. You are so talented and I am so blessed to have chosen you to do this to me. I went other places and looked at what other competitors were offering and just seeing their pictures compared to yours, was enough for me. In fact, when I came to you, I booked my appointment that day before I left. I knew that you were the person to do this job for me. I am turning 50 in a few months and this was my big birthday present to me. I can not tell you how much having my permanent eyeliner done has changed my life and made it so much easier. I get up in the morning and I don’t look so washed out. I go to the gym and I don’t have to worry about make-up smearing or burning my eyes as I work out. WOW….does there need to be more said? I am one happy customer and you best believe that I will be there getting my touch ups as needed.

Thank you again for being so gently and kind. You are the very best in my book and I will tell my friends about you for sure. I would tell anyone looking for someone to do permanent eyeliner to go to you, one of the most amazing things is that it DIDN’T EVEN HURT!!! Take care and I will see you soon.

Angelia R.Raleigh, NC

Hi Jenice,
I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the excellent work you do. It is so amazing to have eyebrows, and you really know your art. It was hard to trust my face to someone without knowing what would result, and I am glad I decided to do it. It has been three weeks now and they are absolutely perfect. My husband was worried about me having them tattooed, he is totally amazed by your work, the hair strokes look like real hair, and the time you took to custom blend a color for me was worth it, the color is perfect!

Thanks for your great work!

Sarah P.Chapel Hill, NC

Dear Jenice,

Hi, I wanted to send a letter telling you how pleased I am with the permanent eyeliner and lip color procedure you did for me a couple of months ago. It’s so great to get out of bed in the morning and still have nice, rosy lips and beautiful natural looking eyeliner on. Now that I don’t have to wear lipstick, I realize more than ever what a hassle it was re-applying the stuff 10 time a day. I must have eaten a pound of lipstick a year! But now I am LIP-STICK FREE! When I see a client, play tennis, go swimming, eat a meal, or kiss my husband, my lips always have a beautiful healthy-looking color.

Thanks Jenice. The whole experience was totally worth it.

Chris B.Apex, NC

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